The Great Importance of an Online Presence.

Now, more so than ever, attorneys should (albeit, must) have an online presence to continuously generate business and stay relevant in a quickly evolving field.  While many attorneys and their firms choose to build their own websites, several turn to platforms such as COUNSELUNITED to expand their potential market base and create more online presence for themselves. 

Here are several reasons attorneys should consider maximizing their online presence through platforms such as COUNSELUNITED:

  • With a majority of potential clients turning towards online searches for legal services, attorneys that maximize the potential of search “hits” are able to place themselves in an immediate position to assist the potential client.
  • Having a targeted online presence allows the attorney to reach a wide range of audience immediately; whether the audience is potential clientele or other attorneys or legal practitioners looking for co-counsel assistance or the ability to refer work in other states, jurisdictions or practice areas.
  • Attorneys should constantly market themselves and their practice – a steady cache of clientele is not guaranteed.  With a well-developed online presence, the attorney is able to maintain relevance amongst those seeking legal services.

The Power of Technology and Attorney Platforms.

As the practice of law evolves, solo and boutique firm attorneys have leveraged technology to stay ahead of the curve and compete in the changing landscape.

Here are some critical consideration points to improve your practice:

  • Adopt a time and billing software, preferably one that is coupled with a practice management and document storage component, such as Bill4Time, so as to efficiently schedule client tasks, timely prepare and collect on invoices, and reduce your “paper footprint” and overall overhead.
  • When committing to a technology provider, be certain to consider what back-up systems are in place in the event your computer crashes.  Cloud-based providers help mitigate the risk of losing all information; however, a separate online backup service is recommended.
  • Marketing and networking go hand-in-hand.  As attorneys, your business depends upon expert counsel; consequently, a keystone to your knowledge asset is the ability to collaborate on issues with other attorneys.  Platforms such as COUNSELUNITED allow attorneys to generate a circle of influence amongst similarly situated legal practitioners throughout the nation and share in a knowledge exchange, associate with other members on complex issues, and, ultimately, create efficiencies for clients.
  • When possible, outsource tasks outside of your skill level.  For instance, COUNSELUNITED allows its member attorneys to associate with one another, or connect with experts on call when a case demands such.

Solo and boutique firm attorneys wear many hats; lean on technology to create efficiencies within your practice and, ultimately, a more profitable business.

COUNSELUNITED Proudly Unveils its Platform

COUNSELUNITED is a collaborative legal community, founded by attorneys for the benefit of attorneys, legal professionals, law students and end-users of legal services. 

COUNSELUNITED was founded on the principal that a solo or boutique firm attorney in the most remote area of the Country could effectively compete with a large firm counterpart by leveraging technology and community.

The uniqueness of COUNSELUNITED’s platform affords members the ability to:

  • Grow and leverage their practice through a trusted referral network;
  • Generate a circle of influence amongst similarly situated legal practitioners practicing in complimentary areas of law or jurisdiction;
  • Conveniently and confidently collaborate on issues and share in a knowledge exchange with other attorneys to deliver efficient, effective counsel;
  • Garnish market share from clients and prospects alike through increased visibility, SEO and digital media marketing efforts afforded by the platform; and
  • Gain access to practice management partners and affiliated service providers for documents and templates, billing software, expert witnesses and consultants, and litigation support, amongst other benefits.