The Great Importance of an Online Presence.

Now, more so than ever, attorneys should (albeit, must) have an online presence to continuously generate business and stay relevant in a quickly evolving field.  While many attorneys and their firms choose to build their own websites, several turn to platforms such as COUNSELUNITED to expand their potential market base and create more online presence for themselves. 

Here are several reasons attorneys should consider maximizing their online presence through platforms such as COUNSELUNITED:

  • With a majority of potential clients turning towards online searches for legal services, attorneys that maximize the potential of search “hits” are able to place themselves in an immediate position to assist the potential client.
  • Having a targeted online presence allows the attorney to reach a wide range of audience immediately; whether the audience is potential clientele or other attorneys or legal practitioners looking for co-counsel assistance or the ability to refer work in other states, jurisdictions or practice areas.
  • Attorneys should constantly market themselves and their practice – a steady cache of clientele is not guaranteed.  With a well-developed online presence, the attorney is able to maintain relevance amongst those seeking legal services.

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