Teleworking Tips for Solos and Boutique Firms In the Face of COVID-19

For better or worse many firms and attorneys are facing disruption amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and being forced to work remote.

Consider the following tips while converting (or updating) your remote work set-up –

  1. Network Security and Horsepower – have you ensured that your home office offers a secured network and is able to support the increased use of the “home office?” Consider a review of your antivirus and malware software to make certain proper security is in place. Additionally, contact your data provider to upgrade your network.
  2. Triage Your Schedule and Prioritize – to maintain sanity while still putting forth good work product, create a triage list of looming deadlines, what needs to occur immediately and those items which may take a backseat due to Court closures or other interruptions. Transparency with your staff, partners, clients and opposing counsel is critical, and will lessen self-imposed stress while focusing your work.
  3. Communicate – clients now have a new host of issues, such as job loss, office closures, etc. Stay in front of your clients and communicate any changes in your schedule so they are still able to readily contact you. Also, consider providing increased flexibility in your schedule to accommodate the upheaval in your clients’ lives.