COUNSELUNITED Proudly Unveils its Platform

COUNSELUNITED is a collaborative legal community, founded by attorneys for the benefit of attorneys, legal professionals, law students and end-users of legal services. 

COUNSELUNITED was founded on the principal that a solo or boutique firm attorney in the most remote area of the Country could effectively compete with a large firm counterpart by leveraging technology and community.

The uniqueness of COUNSELUNITED’s platform affords members the ability to:

  • Grow and leverage their practice through a trusted referral network;
  • Generate a circle of influence amongst similarly situated legal practitioners practicing in complimentary areas of law or jurisdiction;
  • Conveniently and confidently collaborate on issues and share in a knowledge exchange with other attorneys to deliver efficient, effective counsel;
  • Garnish market share from clients and prospects alike through increased visibility, SEO and digital media marketing efforts afforded by the platform; and
  • Gain access to practice management partners and affiliated service providers for documents and templates, billing software, expert witnesses and consultants, and litigation support, amongst other benefits.


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