Work/Life Balance Created Through Community and Technology

The practice of law is changing dramatically, with more attorneys electing to open solo or boutique firm practices in an effort to reduce overhead, offer tailored services to clients’ changing needs and overall become more efficient with how legal services are provided. One of the ancillary benefits (or key drivers) of this change is creation of a work/life balance amongst those in the legal profession, as more fully articulated in the following Thompson Reuters article:

How technology has changed one firm and made work-life balance a reality.

COUNSELUNITED is a collaborative community established to serve the solo and boutique firm attorney in the changing legal environment. Specifically, COUNSELUNITED affords member attorneys the ability to grow and leverage their practice through a trusted referral network; associate with, refer or co-counsel with attorneys in differing practice areas or jurisdictions; create an online market presence; and share in additional resources traditionally relegated to large firms.