Empowering solo and boutique attorneys to grow thriving legal practices in a competitive and ever-evolving landscape by leveraging the power of community and technology.

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COUNSELUNITED provides a virtual community for solo and boutique attorneys to better serve clients and benefit professionally through enhanced market presence, collaboration, referral opportunities and access to select resources.

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COUNSELUNITED is proud to be affiliated with the following companies to help solo and botique attorneys efficiently operate and grow their practices.

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There are approximately 1,340,000 licensed attorneys in the United States, of which 74% are in "private practice". Of the attorneys in private practice, approximately 70% are either solo-practitioners or work at a law firm comprised of 2-10 attorneys.

COUNSELUNITED provides this marketplace of attorneys a community platform to collaborate on issues; engage co-counsel; or provide referrals.

Additionally, attorneys practicing in rural or more remote areas are able to maximize the COUNSELUNITED platform to employ resources and services that traditionally are limited to their large-firm counterparts.

The intent of COUNSELUNITED is to invest in its members' potential and create a community of success.

For less than one billable hour's receivable a month, COUNSELUNITED member attorneys receive:

  • COUNSELUNITED invests time, money, and effort into online marketing strategies so as to enhance profile views and provide consumers of legal services the ability to search for and directly access member attorneys associated with the COUNSELUNITED network.

  • Member attorneys are given the ability to market their services online and host a "virtual law firm", including linking their current firm website address to their COUNSELUNITED profile.

  • COUNSELUNITED continuously seeks out premier partnerships to offer discounted access and other benefits to its member attorneys.

    • Currently, member attorneys have access to research aids, document management software, billing software, expert discovery services, litigation support services, and other amenities otherwise found in a larger law firm.

  • Finally, COUNSELUNITED invests money into its technology to ensure the community platform provides seamless functionality to member attorneys seeking co-counsel, referral opportunities or input on general legal questions.

No, COUNSELUNITED is not a law firm, rather, a platform for communication, collaboration, and the accessing of resources beneficial to the practice of law. For more information, please review COUNSELUNITED's Terms of Use

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